244550_05ff79bec2e44853b42814debdf83116Security system for Persons With Albinism (PWA) is a project developed by BR Solutions, tailor-made to initiate quick and rapid alerts to the authorities and responsible people, before or during an attack incidence for PWA. The mobile numbers of PWA will be configured into the system to allow only PWA to use the system. The system will also be configured with phone numbers and particulars of authorities and responsible people to be alerted instantly before or during an attack. The initial phase of the project will be through sms ie. instant sms notification, then in phase two, the USSD and security alarm and gadget system for persons with albinism, will be initiated. The project shall start in specific regions but the target is to spread to the entire nation. The funding requirements will help in meeting the expenses for the project development and sustainability. The project will initially receive donor support and later the government will allocate funds to maintain the programme. The system will also be provided with bulk sms system ie. a mini system to facilitate distribution of medicines to PWA as well as provide education to both PWAs as well as the general public.