BR Solutions Ltd is a private owned VAS (Value Added Service) Company introducing new information services in Tanzania and Africa known as Huduma Fasta. The services are targeting demand driven information for the business community and the general public. This service is designed to help more people access basic information through their mobile phones. BR Solutions Limited was formed to provide demand driven basic information for real solutions in a cost effective and in a friendly manner.

BR Solutions is an independent and a Registered Company under company Registration Act Cap. 212 under the Laws of Tanzania carrying on a commercial VAS in the name and style of BR SOLUTIONS Limited, licensed under the TCRA Act and Regulations since 2010.

We deliver competitive advantage Mobile VAS services using SMS, USSD and Voice through mobile phone using the short-code 15450. The company is revolutionizing the information services in Tanzania and Africa using our “Huduma Fasta” brand, specifically designed to help more people access business information through their mobile phones. The summary of services provided can be found in our web portal –

BR Solutions Ltd emerged the overall winners in the World Bank organized event dubbed PITCH-CGAP meeting held in 2013 at Kunduchi, Dar es salaam, an event attended by delegates from over 45 countries globally. The company marked success in the event by scooping first position for Tanzanian technological company with High Social Impact; first position for technological company with potential to scale up and; second position for company with high investment return.

In September 2016, our technology was one among 15 selected technologies operating in Africa, which was presented in the global event organized by AGRA in Nairobi from 5th to 10th September 2016.  Our company through her CSR policy is using the integrated social enterprise approach to provide tailor-made technological solutions to tackle major social problems eg. People with albinisim .

Business Overview

The Company is specialized in the provision of various basic Information for corporate, retail clients and individuals through text message technology which is a simple method that gives an instant replay message. The company has well trained team in Management, Data Collection, database management, and advertisements, software programmers, Sales and Marketing personnel. Currently, our products branded as “HUDUMA FASTA” provides various information services such as mobile phone commodity market prices,  business directory, Real Estate services, Transport logistic services, Job opportunities, Discover Tanzania, Bulk SMS and Email Gateways for  marketing promotions to mention a few. With this framework of Huduma Fasta, the same application could be adjusted to fit different requirements to address different issues or problems to enhance value added services for corporate clients like yours for example.

Corporate structure

company structure

Company Strategy 

  • ICT Societal Vision: Provision of Technologically Powered Access to Affordable Demand Driven Real Time Data and Information Services through mobile phones and in a User Friendly Manner to enhance productivity, economic growth and decision making.
  • Company Mission: To provide timely, personalized, innovative and high quality information and Marketing services in all our needy areas using qualified and motivated staff while upholding ethics, consistency and standards acceptable to the profession.
  • Company Vision: Our Institutional Vision is to become one of the leading, most reliable and efficient Company of choice in information and Marketing services in Tanzania and beyond.
  • Company Aim: We aim to provide demand driven information which is focused, rich, fast and reliable to assist people in making informed decisions wherever they are before they use their meager resources (i.e. Money, time, assets, material and people).
  • Core values: we have committed ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance, guided by trustworthy, respectful, honest and socially responsive behavior in pursuit of excellence throughout the company; we believe in innovation, equity and we conduct ourselves with unfailing commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards; we are open about our affairs to make it easy for all of our customers to understand our quality services; we operate in line with country’s policies to provide products and services with social and economic benefits to all works of life and for all people at all levels.


  1. To improve customer service through customer-centric approaches resulting in better word-of-mouth advertising and more loyal customers.
  2. To increase market share through intensive marketing strategies, innovations and through improving user experience for our products and services.
  3. To scale up and expand into new markets in East Africa by 2017.
  4. To develop new product and service line(s) and improve the existing ones to meet new demands.
  5. To increase efficiency in marketing, sales and delivery.

Market Opportunities

Our customer segment include: (i) Mobile network companies (ii) Government Ministries and Agencies (iii) Farmers (iv) Agricultural merchants (v) Fishermen and pastoralists (iv) Foreign organizations (v) Corporate Organizations (vi) General Public. Our cost structures, product and service offerings, distribution network and customer support as a competitive edge in the industry.

The uniqueness of our platform gives us the competitive advantage. Our platform enhances:

  • Diversity– We collect and disseminate demand driven information including market prices, tourism attractive centers, as well as real estates. As regards market prices, we provide information for not only crop products, but also livestock, fish and meat as well as business directory for advisory services. We collect price information for more than 150 varieties of farm products. Therefore, this makes our platform to be not only suitable for farmers, but also Government agencies, pastoralists, fishermen and ordinary consumers to enhance decision making at all levels.
  • Efficiency– We provide real-time information services including market prices every day. We have assembled our data collectors in all regions  we operate to collect and disseminate demand driven information on a daily basis using cutting-edge mobile technology (tailor-made android tool). This leads to real-time and cleaner data unlike those collected using traditional papers. We have established internal controls to monitor data integrity. We have dedicated staff to man data integrity and authentication.
  • Affordability and Reliability– Our system is GSM based. Users can retrieve or receive information using any handset (even featured phones) as it is SMS based and not subjected to network inconveniences or internet failures. Our service is very cheap. Users are charged affordable rates.


BR Solutions Ltd services can be accessed all over the country through mobile phone by the users of Vodacom Tanzania, Airtel Tanzania, Halotel, Smart, Tigo and Zantel. The company has also developed Bulk SMS, Email gateway and e-Payment platforms to support easy collection and dissemination of data or information directly or through our partners.

Company Experience

Since establishment of the operations, the company has been able to attract a number of clients who are using our Bulk SMS platforms, Security Alert System and VAS products. Currently the company is working with different clients or partners and these include; Security Companies, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) , Datacom, VASNET, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), National Identification Authority (NIDA), University of Dar es Salaam Advancement Office and Convocation Office,  Mzumbe University, Tigo,  Zantel,Vodacom, Simba Logistics ltd, UDBS alumni, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS),  and church members for various registered churches.